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1 Privacy Protection

About Onekit and 1 Privacy Protection

Preserving your privacy on the net is no easy task nowadays with so many security risks and potential prowlers out there.

Onekit's mission is to face new challenges which allow users to have more confidence and control over their PCs. That is why we are focused on developing Windows desktop applications with strong functional component.

That is why we present 1 Privacy Protection, a hard drive clean-up utility that helps you secure delete all traces of your online and offline activity and free up some space on your hard drive by removing thousands of unnecessary files.


About time, I am so sick of all the people and corporations invading my privacy. Now I have a way to stick it to them. @Pissed_Florida

I enjoy certain legal activities on the internet and have always been worried about my privacy in doing so. Not anymore, thank you. @Rock

I have had my identity stolen twice and have used several apps to try and protect it such as PayPal, Ghost proxies, anonymizers... That was my life until I found 1PrivacyProtection on Internet. Thanks! - @Gany